Certification & Patents

The quality and safety of our temporary lifts must be guaranteed at all times. Certification programs, in collaboration with a notified body, are mandatory. The ‘Lift Institute’ is a notified body and certifies and approves based on European legislation. Certifications helps to avoid claims in case of calamities. A certificate indicates that you comply to all legal requirements. Not only governments but also the users pay attention to them. The market prefers recognized safety. 

VCA: VCA stands for Safety Checklist Contractors (Health, Safety and Environment) and asks entrepreneurs to adjust their policy to the field of health, safety and environment. It is a versatile program which allows structural and objective testing of service oriented companies on their safety-, health- and environmental management systems. Safety is our highest priority. This means that all our operational staff are VCA certified. In addition, they have the required personal protective equipment. RECO Lift Solutions has a VCA* certificate. 

BTR: BTR stands for: Industry-specific Explanation Rail Infrastructure (Branchegerichte Toelichting Railinfrastructuur) and is a quality label supplementary to the VCA to ensure safe working practices on railway tracks.
In obtaining the BTR, RECO Lift Solutions has shown that the relevant management system does not only cover general occupational safety, but extends to occupational safety specifically in relation to the railroad system.
The policy was formulated in a management system that is in accordance with the requirements imposed by the Safety, Health and Environmental system integrated into the VCA* standard.
ProRail’s Industry-specific Explanation Rail Infrastructure was implemented to accommodate work on the rail infrastructure.

CE Declaration: RECO Lift Solutions declares all installed temporary lifts meet the requirements stated in the ‘Machine Guidelines’. It is mandatory to draw up a technical construction file. This technical construction file includes the design data, calculations, risk assessments, risk analysis, the standard research, manuals, maintenance instructions and so on. The file can be viewed by the authorities in case there is any doubt about the correctness of applying the EC guidelines. The CE marking can be found on the nameplate of our product. 

Information for the purchaser: All information for the client and the maintenance service can be found in the liftbook, present in the engine room. In the liftbook, we inform you about the applications in the user manual. Furthermore you will find the registry entries, checks, inspections, the electrical diagrams and the CE certificate in the liftbook. 

Patents: The unique patented system of our temporary lifts incorporates the combination of the modular closed elevator shaft (as opposed to construction hoists), the way of construction, the ways of drive and the conveniences of a fixed lift in a temporary mold. We have obtained the patents for the whole world. In addition our temporary lifts meet the guidelines applicable to fixed lifts. Our product is very unique. 

CSR: The environment, the safety of our employees and the society are of great importance to RECO Lift Solutions. We are currently testing our business processes according to the guidelines of an initiative called MVO Nederland. It is our goal to become a partner of this initiative. More information will follow.

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